Hackcamp Wolfsburg

The Hackcamp Wolfsburg is designed to have hands-on learning experience in the field of software development. In semi-regular meetings that lasts one day, developers teach other developers about their knowledge by showing, explaining and guiding through exercises and coding sessions. Like in a barcamp, the topics are voted by the participiants at the beginning of the event.

Regular Developer Meeting Wolfsburg

Since 2013, I'm organizing a regular meeting for software developers in Wolfsburg. The meetings are always well visited and help to communicate new trends and technologies within the local community of software developers in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The picture on the left shows a meeting on April 10th, 2014 (in spite of the date on the picture itself). At this meeting, we had the book author and podcaster Maik Pfingsten visiting us in Wolfsburg.






In 2009 two friends of mine and myself founded the company "Sirenen - bewusste Sicherheit", of which I was the owner.



"Getting Things Done", or "GTD" is a book written by David Allen and deals with self-management. It changed my way of dealing with "stuff" a lot and helped me to become a more efficient worker. With friends I set up a subversion repository to share our templates with the rest of the world.


UniMentor is an incorporated society driven by students. It`s goal is to establish a mentoring at universities. The society was founded in 2006 in the faculty of computer-science in Magdeburg and attends to students in three faculties. As a founding member I have been active to the end of 2009.


"FaRaFIN" is the student representatives of the faculty of computer science. The Farafin is known to be the most active students representation and is fun to work with. After being in the orbit of the organisation for quite a while without being voted by the students, I decided to run for office in October 2008. At the end of 2009, I quitted my work for the FaRaFIN.