The FaRaFIN is the student representatives of the faculty of computer science. It`s known to be the most active students representation and is fun to work with. After being in the orbit of the organisation for quite a while without being voted by the students, I decided to run for office in October 2008. Actually it`s not very hard to get voted because it`s quiet a small faculty where everyone knows everyone. At the election in 2008  15 students put themselves to the vote for only 7+7 offices. The board is composed of 7 voted members and 7 deputies, so nearly everone who puts himself to the vote was voted.

My activities in the board are organisation of small projects and being-there-if-needed at arranged events. As at my work for UniMentor I try to give talks as often as possible. Several occasions to do that are given by the program "FIN macht Schule". It has the purpose to teach pupils what studying in general and especially studying of computer science covers and what not. Teachers and students organize visits in secondary schools, so the pupils are getting a better basis of decision for their future first-hand.

In 2009 I took part at the prep courses for young students. In two weeks I gave talks about basics of programming, unix and linux for a group of 14 people.

In the same year FaRaFIN won the price for the best student representation in germany. The main project and reason for the decision of the jury was the initiation of the mentoring project, which later led to the foundation of UniMentor.

At the end of the year 2009 I quitted my activities due to preparations for the move from Magdeburg.