Pic by Adam Kuban"Getting Things Done", or "GTD" is a book written by David Allen. Although I don`t want to give a summary or a walk-through here, the book is known as one of the most influencing books regarding self-management ever written. It changed my way of dealing with "stuff" a lot and helped me to become a more efficient worker. I want to encourage you, if you haven`t already done so, to take a look at that inspiring piece of management literature.

The blogger Leo Babauta or the (german) Zen to Done is a good place to start.

Several fellow students called it a sect or "too excessive planning" as friends of mine and I began to share templates and tools for our GTD-organizers. Soon it became clear that there is no ultimate template for a to-do-list or the perfect calender because everyone needs a customized and unique version. So we set up a subversion repository to share our files. To help the "GTDism" to take over world domination, I want to publish that repository here (just press enter at login).

Please respect the copyright which can be found in the textfiles named "copyright".


(Pic from Adam Kuban, )