Lessons Learned + News in January 2021

Posted by Steven

This is what I learned in January 2021:

  1. .The HackTalk event this month provided me with more insights into Github CI/CD. I learned about the Matrix-feature that let's you test multiple versions of a language, the static code analyzis CodeQL and the registry Github Packages. 
  2. Reading the German Java magazine Java Aktuell, I learned about Service Meshes. A service mesh is a way of managing a set of microservices. Each service gets a proxy which takes over all communication to other services. The proxies in this "data plane" are controlled by the "control plane", which provides management for the mesh and infrastructure like dashboards and configuration. Service meshes are especially useful when microservices with different technology stacks are used, because they homogenize the system. There are several different implementations for service meshes, like Istio, Linkerd, Consul Connect and AWS App Mesh.
  3. Kind of the hard way, I learned that TLS certificates in AWS are region-specific. If a certificate is created in the region of North Carolina, it cannot be used in Frankfurt. Because of that, I used the wrong certificate for the IT Hub backend, which caused errors on the website.
  4. I wrote about why not to component-scan in a Spring application class when using Spring MVC Test.
  5. I also learned about ArchUnit tests and Arrays.
  6. I wrote a short story about technical debt.  

In the last lessons learned articles, I wrote that I did not read any books that should be mentioned here. Partly, that is because of one of my side projects. I'm proud to announce that I am writing a book myself. It is in the final stages of being finished. First marketing efforts already begun, and I expect the book to be publicly available in a couple of weeks, maybe a few months.

This is what I'm working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. In the last few days, the book project took over most of my spare time that I normally use for several different projects. I expect that to be the case in the upcoming weeks, too.
  2. Despite that, some time-critical projects need attention anyways. One of them is the often-mentioned new design for IT Hub, which is finally online. The next big thing in this regard is the general meeting with all of the members, where the board will be elected. Also, there is a very nice new project that is going to start soon and will deliver value directly to the local IT community.

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