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Spring Test Slices

22 Dec 2019
Posted by Steven

In this article, I want to share what I learned about testing a Spring application without loading it completely. This can be done by using @DataJpaTest, @WebMvcTest, @SpringBootTest, @AutoConfigureMockMvc and @DataJpaTest. These annotations are part of "test slices" of Spring which allow to test certain beans of the application without loading other beans.

Posted by Steven

In preparation for the upcoming IT Hub Brunswick Barcamp, I updated the conference page with ideas for talks and speakers. To display the speakers, we are using the PrimeNG Carousel. This component displays content using slide effects. For this component to work, the content has to be defined in the controller, not the HTML template.

Posted by Steven

As the main developer of IT Hub Brunswick, I created a TLS certificate for the domains www.ithubbs.de and ithubbs.de. In this article, I want to describe this process - mainly for future-me to be able to repeat this in the future. This is not an article about understanding the concepts in detail, it's just an overview.

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This is what I learned in June and July 2019:

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This is what I learned in May 2019: