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This will be a short one.

I am working on an Angular 6 application that is deployed on a Pivotal Cloud Foundry, using the nginx-buildpack. With the default nginx.conf, http and https requests are served. The https request is secured using the certificate for *cfapps.io, which is nice to have without any configuration.

However, allowing http requests opens the door for accidental unencrypted logins, which I want to avoid. Hence, I want to forward all http-requests to https.

Here's the working nginx.conf for this:

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This article is about deploying an Angular 6 application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry so that URLs without a hash can be used.

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Somehow, I came across this great article about what to do to build a great work environment in an agile enterprise. In this short reflection, I want to highlight some of the (for me) most interesting thoughts.

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This is what I learned in November 2018:

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This short article contains my notes when reviewing the last upgrade of my all-time-favorite-IDE IntelliJ IDEA. For more details, visit JetBrains.

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Recently, I finished reading “Java by Comparison – Become a Java Craftsman in 70 Examples” by Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard and Linus Dietz. This article is a book review that highlights the contents of the book as well as some aspects that I found especially good.