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This article is a report about some observations I made during my time in two different projects. Each of the projects had one architect which, in retrospect, could not have been more different compared to each other. Both of them had great technical knowledge and more than 10 years of experience in IT. Both managed a legacy project that had more than 5 years of development time / uptime. However, my perception of the two was very different.

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After changing the company I work for, I became member of a new project team a couple of weeks ago. In this article I want to describe what tools I used and what habits I use to make myself a productive coworker as soon as possible.

 1. Learning by repeating:

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The other day a weird feature of the testing library Mockito tricked me. Allthough the behavior is mentioned in the documentation, it can not be bad to point it out here. Maybe this article spares someones time debugging his code.

I wanted to write a unit test for the class Controller. Controller uses a method of Blo, a Business Logic Object, to perform its tasks:

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If a project lives long enough, it can be a good idea to update one part or the other. That way, new features can be used and the code base is up to date. During the last weeks I updated the frontend of a larger web application from ExtJS 3 to ExtJS 4. A lot of custom CSS rules were used.

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It`s been a while since I wrote about my experiences in Software Engineering. With a new article, I want to extend and review my former report.

Wishlist online

02 Nov 2010
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I just added a wishlist to my website. Hopefully, that will cause christmas to bring useful presents.