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Recently, I stumbled over the following code:

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Gaming is part of IT. For me, it is a quite important one because my career started with computer games.

Global Setup Strategy

01 Dec 2012
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Recently, I began reading Clean Code by Uncle Bob (again). In chapter 11 ("Systems"), he writes about a "Global Setup Strategy" of an application. As I understood it, it is the master plan for instantiation of objects and the references between them. Following such a strategy should separate the construction of a system from its usage.

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This article covers a problem I encountered using Hibernate 3.0 and Spring 2.5.6.

Yesterday, I spend one hour to debug the following error from the Hibernate Schema Validation:

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One topic of discussion I encountered in every project so far is the “right” usage of Springs Dependency Injection (DI). In this article, I want to describe how this controversial feature is used in my current project.

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The other day I had a discussion with a coworker about comments. Often he annotates the parts of the code that he writes with his name / SVN name like this:

  1. // EXBLUB1

The reasons for this are: