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This is what I learned in February 2021:

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I'm a huge fan of Spring MVC Tests and already wrote some articles about this topic. If you are new to the topic, here's the official Spring documentation. A coworker discovered a features previously unknown to me that allows to test for the size of JSON objects returned by an endpoint like this:

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This is what I learned in January 2021:

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Recently, I repeated learning that long-term technical debt is a bitch. Some time ago, I performed an extensive refactoring in one of my main projects. It was necessary to change some architectural decisions that were not able to support newer requirements. This significantly changed the architecture and affected a lot of the code. Despite the amount of modifications necessary, a coworker and me plowed through and finished the task. In doing so, we realized even more code rot, but nothing too serious.

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ArchUnit can be used to test dependencies between packages in Java. I use it to test that application slices do not depend on each other, but are disjunct:

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This article is about why annotating the Spring application class with @ComponentScan may cause problems when also using Spring Web MVC Test.

The code can be found here.

General Setup

The demo application is a simple Spring Boot application with a component scan directly in the application class: