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This site is supposed to be a showcase for my thoughts about software engineering, less a personal homepage. If you want to know more about me, invite me to a beer.

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new feed URL

08 Oct 2009
Posted by Steven

By working a lot with the content management system Drupal during the last days, I decided to re-implement my website in Drupal. This will cause the feed-URL to change. Please visit www.stevenschwenke.de to get the new URL.

Project FSVM finished

04 Mar 2009
Posted by Steven

As promised, I completed the project “Fussy Support Vector Machine” just in time. A detailed report about the software and the implemented algorithms can be found here. Unfortunately, the results mentioned in the papers could not be confirmed.

I will use the experience of that project to study published approaches of extracting fuzzy rules from Support Vector Machines.

New Links

02 Mar 2009
Posted by Steven

I added two links to at the studies - section: support-vector.net/ provides some literature about support vector machines; at SVM-Applet is a nice support vector machine applet.

A new Era?

31 Dec 2008
Posted by Steven

It`s done. At least the first step. I`ve been working for several weeks on this new version of my personal homepage and now the feeling has arrived that it`s ready to be thrown in the endless vastness of the net. Please be kind, stevenschwenke.de is totally new. As you may have noticed: sirnonamesplace.de has been redirected to stevenschwenke.de. I honor my nick, no question. But sometimes a little bit more commitment is appropriate.