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There are common tasks in programming I never performed in a production project. Formatting currency is one of them. I only noticed that when I searched a library that would offer formatting methods. After searching for a while and wondering why so many libraries exist, a colleague found a surprisingly easy solution: String.format(). Here is some code to show how to format currency with plain Java.

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This is what I learned in July 2020:

Java 14: Records

14 Jul 2020
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This is just a small code snippet demonstrating the preview of the new Records in Java 14. 

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This is what I learned in June 2020:

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Earlier, I wrote an article about how to create a connection to a database service in Cloudfoundry. The reason for this was to backup and restore a Mongo database, which is the topic of this article.

1. SSH-tunnel

First, built up an SSH-tunnel (details see here):

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SSH-ing into an app deployed on Cloudfoundry, for example to access a database service, is well documented: