In 2009 two friends of mine and myself founded the company "Sirenen - bewusse Sicherheit", of which I am the owner.

The slogan "bewusste Sicherheit" means security awareness. Our concern is the protection of  personal data and information. We reach that goal by raising the awareness of people regarding specific topics. Often problems related to security awareness are caused by human communication and computer technology, such as E-Mail, use of Web 2.0, and Instant Messenging.

Hence, by organizing talks and workshops to inform about basic computer skills, we hope to create an understanding of technical issues. Technical infrastructure, such as E-Mail, is widely used but hardly understood by its users. This lack of understanding is the cause of most mistakes.

After having gained basic knowledge, the participant of our events is able to change his situation by understanding the underlying processes of the used technologies: He gains awareness of what he is doing, which raises the security. He is inspired to learn more, understand more and change even more. We call this the "4+1 Principle".

The company ranks the FaRaFIN, the students representatives of the faculty of computer science, to its clients.