UniMentor is an incorporated society driven by students. It`s goal is to establish a mentoring at universities. The society was founded in 2006 in the faculty of computer-science in Magdeburg and attends to students in four faculties.

There are four different kinds of mentoring offered by UniMentor. In the Studentmentoring a collegiate mentor cares for students in the first two semesters by giving advice in important questions like how to organize the studies or how to manage himself. Of course topics like "where is the cafeteria?" are also answered. ;)

The Profmentoring is an optional program for students in advanced semesters. After having applied for a specific professor the student is coached by that professor. The difference between Studentmentoring and Profmentoring is the grade of activity the student has to show. Because professors normally are quiet busy people, the mentee should not ask him things he could find out by himself. That`s why the Profmentoring takes place after achieving a specific amount of creditpoints by the student so he`s settled at university. A Profmentor establishes many possibilities, for example getting an industrial placement.

UniMentor established an International Mentoring to look after foreign students. This program focuses on topics like handling bureaucracy in germany and filling the gap between german students and the mentee.

The Master Mentoring lasts only several weeks and helps master students to fit in the friendly atmosphere of the faculty. Most of them are not accustomed to having such an open and friendly relationship to the professors and employees.

My activities in the organization started with the day my former mentor asked me, if I wanted to participate in organisation. That was in my first semester and since then I learned a lot from the guys in the organisation. I would say that the work at UniMentor, especially the close work with some people there, boosted my personal development a lot. Working at this organization wasn`t only fun, it really rocked.

During the four years of participation I held several offices, including board of management, officer for Studentmentoring in the faculty of computer science and officer for Studentmentoring in general. Organization and execution of several courses of instruction (each two to three days long) and holding lectures for mentors and students are practically included in being an organizer at UniMentor. Talking in front of people is one of the advantages of working for UniMentor. Being paid by the faculty for managing the Studentmentoring also included organization of regular meetings of the organization team.

Since 2007, I`m a studentmentor myself, which means that I can try to be as promotional and inspiring to young students like some people have been to me. My group consists of something around 10 students. This number differs depending on how far away the bar in which we meet is from their homeplaces. ;)

At the end of the year 2009 I quitted my activities due to preparations for the move from Magdeburg.

I want to thank all people, who worked with me in that amazing and inspiring time. During my time in the university, UniMentor is the project which influenced and boosted me most.