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This site is supposed to be a showcase for my thoughts about software engineering, less a personal homepage. If you want to know more about me, invite me to a beer (which you are going to pay).

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There have been a lot of changes in the last months. My work as an employed software developer kind of got to a new level because of the changes in my project. I'm learning a whole lot in this project and am looking forward to learn even more. My employer offers me great opportunities and my spare time projects and my mentoring also extend my horizon. The regular meeting of developers, which I'm organizing, is a fun, informative and empowering event. I've played with more technologies, architectures and systems than ever before. Since a couple of months I've had the urge to rewrite my mission statement to meet my new reality. Here it is.

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Last week, I gave a JavaFX workshop for my coworkers. It went very well and was a lot of fun! To share knowledge and make my work available to the community, I open sourced the whole workshop at github. There, you find

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For my last JavaFX articles, I wanted to show the animated results directly at this website. At the time being, there's no guarantee that a visitor can execute an embedded JavaFX application. Because of that, some bloggers tend to embedd youtube videos with their application in action. That too would need some setup (youtube account, making a screen capture video, ... ). So I searched for a simple solution to display screen capture footage directly at a website. Despite it's bad reputation, an animated gif works on every browser I know.

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This week, I implemented a navigation pane in JavaFX that can be used to navigate within an application. It has four buttons with icons. At first, only the icon of each button is shown. At MouseOver, the pane expands and shows the button texts. One button can then be choosen and is highlighted with a drop shadow.

Here's the code as a SSCCE.

This is the controller ExtendableNavigation.java:

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Yesterday, I implemented an extendable search pane in JavaFX. Having searched the web for a ready to use component, I found that most of the search panes hover above other nodes. But what if I want to extend the search pane by resizing other nodes, for example the results table? That is the only way to see all search results and all search options at the same time. This is what I build:

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Reading stackoverflow and blog articles about development, I came across many code snippets and examples. Also, as the author of blog articles and stackoverflow help cries I myself put some of these snippets into the net. Some of the code I've seen and written was good and comprehensible. Some was not. Today I learned about the SSCCE principle that states that example code in forums and articles should be a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example.

Just visit http://sscce.org/ and read for yourself.


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