Miniseries Certified Scrum Master (1)

Nowadays, Scrum is everywhere. Eventually, it will come and get you. A while ago, it started to get me. In this and the following articles, I will document the process of (hopefully!) becoming a certified Scrum Master. So if you feel that the scrum monster is gaining on you, read on and learn to become part of the hype! ;)

Two weeks ago, I got an email from one of my coworkers. He listed the upcoming training courses in our company and encouraged us to participate. One of these courses was a seminar for the certified Scrum Master, in which he already enlisted me. He wanted me to take this course because I’m working in an agile project (however we are not doing Scrum) and could use the knowledge later on. I thanked him and began with my preparations. Although I didn’t plan to become a Scrum Master, it really makes sense for my current work and the future.

I don’t have any actual experience with “real” Scrum, but know the basics from conversations with coworkers and articles. Developers cannot get around this topic these days. To get a good start, I called a fellow coworker and asked how I could prepare best. He told me to read the Scrum Guide (I already figured out that) and have a look at the Agile Atlas. Additionally, I found where you can find great checklists and videos. While reading and watching these sources, I made learning cards to review the most important terms and questions multiple times a week. Learning cards got me through university and helped me learing stuff ever since.

I will now continue reading the mentioned sources and expand my set of ultra cool learning cards. The course begins in december, so there should be plenty of time to get a headstart.