My personal website offers information about myself and my projects as well as a blog I write since 2008. I also keep track of the 200+ events I participated in as a speaker or organizer.


I founded the online community event series HackTalk more than a decade ago. Every month, I organize talks about technical topics like programming languages and frameworks, keyboard building and solar power. The history of this project is available here.

IT Hub e.V.

I’m a founding member of the board of directors of IT Hub e.V.. We are a non-profit organization that supports the IT community in Brunswick, Germany.


Being one of my recent projects, Tech2Talk is a community project to support sharing knowledge and experience in the IT industry by giving talks and workshops.

Developer on the Stage

My book Developer on the Stage guides developers through their very first talk as a developer. it helps them find the right idea, structure their thoughts, and build a talk that is both instructive and reflects their individual experiences. They will learn about the different types of conferences and talks as well as how to get a speaking slot at an event that supports their first talk.