Developer on the Stage Newsletter 4

Welcome to the 4th newsletter for my now published book “Developer on the Stage”!


The most important news regarding the writing itself is its successful release. Everything went pretty well with Amazon, the book’s website, reviews and marketing. What a relief! Coordinating the different activities wasn’t easy. But it paid off. Within one day, “Developer on the Stage” shot right to the top of all five of its categories!

ebook categories

However, this does not mean it is an “Amazon Bestseller”. Yet. ;)

After some recommendations, I added the book to Goodreads. On this platform, you can create bookshelves to express your reading habits and get recommendations based on what you and your friends read.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who helped me with this project. It was a blast!

German-speaking readers of this newsletter may find an interview with me interesting. Thomas interviewed me to get some insights into the creation process of the book here on YouTube.

Speaker Mentoring Course

After releasing the book, I visited a couple of conferences that help people become speakers. On one of those events, I met Sergej, a very motivated freelancer. He came up with the idea of a speaker mentoring and we quickly decided to link the mentoring to the book. Hence, there will be an online speaker mentoring course! In multiple sessions, we go through the steps of crafting your first talk together:

  • Session 1: Di 13.07.2021 19:00 - Introduction + Q&A
  • Session 2: Di 27.07.2021 19:00 - Choosing the Topic and Kind of Talk
  • Session 3: Di 10.08.2021 19:00 - Choosing a Conference
  • Session 4: Di 24.08.2021 19:00 - Preparing the Application for a Call for Papers (CfP)
  • Session 5: Di 07.09.2021 19:00 - Preparing the Talk
  • Session 6: Di 21.09.2021 19:00 - Giving the Talk
  • Session 7: Di 05.10.2021 19:00 - Talking Online
  • Session 8: Di 12.10.2021 19:00 - Post-processing the Talk + Q&A

The course features three experienced mentors:

Falk Sippach writes regular articles about the Java ecosystem, held many talks in various conferences and is the organizer of the Java User Group Darmstadt.

Oliver Drotbohm is a very experienced open source developer, team lead, book author, and international speaker.

There is much more to say about these two software craftsmen, but you already probably heard of them, anyway. If you don’t, that’s one more reason to visit the course. ;)

Because you are reading this, I guess you already know the third speaking mentor for the course: Steven Schwenke. I’m thrilled to help other developers to get on that stage.

Oh, and did I mention that the course is free? Well, it is. :)

The primary source of information will be this Discord. There won’t be a specific registration for the course! Please join the Discord to get information about the next steps!

The sole drawback of this project is that the first run of the course will only be in German. If you are interested in an English version of the course, please contact me at

Next Projects

I already began preparations for my next book, which will be about another topic I’m very interested in and which is essential for an advanced career as a successful developer. Stay tuned. :)