Feedback via Sweets

A while ago, I conducted a full day workshop for my colleagues. In the middle of the day, I realized I forgot to decide which feedback technique to use at the end of the workshop. I used various ways of getting feedback during the years of giving workshops, but didn’t feel like picking one of them. So I decided to improvise. With me, I had my usual “emergency ration” of sweets for the participants which hadn’t been used yet. I ripped off a flip chart sheet and wrote three columns “boring!”, “meehhh” and “awesome” for the quality of the workshop on it. Then I counted the participants and put one sweet for each in each of the three columns. At the end of the workshop, I told everyone to pick one sweet from the column he agrees the most of. Getting a sweet at the end of an exhausting day of learning really cheered everybody up and it was a new way of getting feedback.