I Love Bridging Days

The first two workdays of 2014 where a Thursday and a Friday. This was great because many people used these as bridging days. I didn’t. I got up early as usual and drove to work in record time without the usual traffic jam. I arrived there relaxed because there weren’t the usual situations caused by stressed out people that want to get ahead of the traffic jam they themselves are causing with their reckless driving. I entered a quiet and vacant office in which I could work without distractions like ringing phones or incoming mail. Also, the open-plan office didn’t produce this chatter one never gets accustomed to. I had time to empty my inboxes and work concentrated on just the one topic at hand.

OK, the lunch break was a bit lonely without the coworkers and the office had something of an apocalyptic atmosphere to it. But that’s just a small price to pay for working concentrated. I love bridging days!

Image: PPatton, flickr