Lessons Learned in April 2018

This is what I learned in April 2018:

  1. JHipster, the generator for Angular web applications, automatically adds Bootstrap to the generated project. I learned that Bootstrap is a collection of pre-defined CSS styles and Java Script components that can easily be used to visually enhance the application. For example, menubars are very easy to add, so are nice-looking buttons.
  2. Augury is a Chrome plugin for debugging Angular applications.
  3. The Slack Desktop App supports multiple workplaces that can be switched by the nice shortcut Ctrl + [number of workspace].
  4. I learned how to install Bootstrap to an Angular application the not-so-great-way and the right way.
  5. I learned about what NPM and Yarn are and what webpacks are.
  6. One of the speakers of the local Java User Group applied an interesting feedback method. At the beginning of his talk, he handed out small, empty cards to every guest. He told the audience to write down feedback directly onto those cards and just leave them at the place at the end of his talk or hand the cards to him directly. That way, nobody had an excuse to not give feedback.

(Photo: adrian825,