Lessons Learned in December 2017

This is what I learned in December 2017:

  1. Since recently, my main project is using Springs Caching annotation, using Google Guavas caching implementation. I never used this before and am very happy with how easy it is to cache data. It’s also great to see that my favorite IDE IntelliJ IDEA supports these annotations and makes working with them a walk in the park.
  2. A coworker mentioned the “interactive rebase” feature of IntelliJ IDEA. Right-clicking on a commit in the commit history offers a dialog to rearrange and rename commits. Often, I want to group commits together, for example all refactorings and bugfixes in a feature branch should be the first commits before the actual story-related commits. The rebase feature helps me to move commits in the timeline without having to create a new branch and cherrypick the commits in the right order.
  3. Heroku has been crossing my path quite a bit recently, so I investigated this platform as a service. Here’s a short video about it. IntelliJ IDEA supports the platform nicely.

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