Lessons Learned and News in January 2019

This is what I learned in January 2019:

  1. Here’s a nice short introduction to JSON via Youtube. The same guy did an awesome video about 8 super heroic Linux commands.
  2. This nice generator for cron-expressions crossed my way the other day. It offers a simple interface to define the parameters of the expression and generate it. The other way around is also possible: Enter a cron-expression and see what it means.
  3. Already a while ago, I discovered, a platform developed by Tim Bourguigon. The website offers services regarding call for papers for IT conferences. If you want to speak at a conference, you have to submit a proposal for your talk as an answer to a call for paper. One of the issues of this process is to know what call for papers are out there and when the deadline for submitting talks ends. solves these problems by providing a list of cfps and also the possibility to register for an e-mail newsletter. Thanks Tim, great project!
  4. A colleague of mine showed me an amazing product, the rocketbook. Basically a notebook (paper!) that you can erase and use again. Before deleting your notes, you can use an app to send them to cloud-applications. Nah, have a look at the website to get a better description. :)

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. I’ve been learning web development with Angular for a couple of months now. Time to wrap up all the workshops I created, polish them and do some marketing. There will be a full article on this.
  2. Related to Angular-stuff, I have one pet-project I try to give a little more care and also an idea for another one. If stars will align just right, there will be great stuff. Don’t know when and how exactly, though.
  3. On February the 21st I will be speaking about my self-management system at JUG Hamburg. Thanks to Uwe for inviting me again!
  4. To get to the famous Javaland, I convinced Falk Sippach and Sebastian Rose to let me help them run their cool workshops about a Legacy Code Retreat and a Coding Dojo. I’m very much looking forward to both events and fellow software craftsmen! Also of course to the whole conference that is one of the best Java conferences I know.

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