Lessons Learned in July 2018

Because of long holidays, there hasn’t been a lessons-learned for June. This is what I learned in July 2018:

  1. I got a nice mail from - a platform that parses source code for TODO comments. From these comments, issues will be created automatically and put into an issue tracking system. Seems to be nice and also a new idea. However, personally, I don’t like TODO comments in my code. :)
  2. I added a link to my wishlist in the right navigation menu. If someone wants to get me a nice present, feel free to do so. :P
  3. I wrote an article about what I learned from preparing and teaching one semester at the Ostfalia.
  4. Although this blog post is a couple of years old, it should make your life easier: Generating log line with IntelliJ and live templates
  5. I found this great article which argues that the best way of implementing a one-to-many-relationship in Hibernate is to just use @ManyToOne. That way, each children knows the parent, but the parent doesn’t know the children. This way, Java mapping and database mapping are the same.

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