Lessons Learned and News in July 2020

This is what I learned in July 2020:

  1. Learned about the Stackoverflow Developer Survey.
  2. Learned what a lightboard is: A pretty cool installation for doing online presentations while writing “in the air”. Here’s a nice youtube video.
  3. I learned that tabs can be moved in Vivaldi-Browser with Ctrl + Shift + Page up / down. With Ctrl + Page up / down, they can be switched through.
  4. I learned about JEP 358 “Helpful Nullpointer Exceptions” introduced in Java 14. The new exception messages can be enabled by adding -XX:+ShowCodeDetailsInExceptionMessages to the VM options.
  5. I experimented with Java 14 Records.

I read no books that should be mentioned here.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. Because of the global pandemic, a lot of my projects are on hold. However, I started a couple of new ones that will most likely keep me busy for the next months.

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