Lessons Learned and News in June 2020

This is what I learned in June 2020:

  1. Nothing learned, but had fun while presenting a online live-coding session for my coworkers at msg DAVID, showing testing with Spring MVC, Mockito and Testcontainers. As always, here’s the Github repo.
  2. As a board member of IT Hub, I participated in Digitaltag 2020, presenting two talks / workshops: “Wir sehen uns bei der User Group – Über das besondere Verhältnis von Software Craftsmen innerhalb der IT-Community” and “Aus dem Leben eines Software-Entwicklers - Wie sieht der Alltag eines Coders aus?”. One of the listeners was pretty young: It was nice to explain software development to a student in the ninth grade who is thinking about studying computer science.
  3. A while ago, I published an article about how to set environment variables in Cloudfoundry to run Java applications with newer versions. I updated that article to include setting the variables in the manifest file.
  4. Although I lived it, I didn’t know that it is called the 3-2-1-backup-rule: Keep at least three copies of your data, store two backup copies on different devices or storage media, keep at least one copy offsite (away from home).
  5. I found the awesome HTTP decision diagram which lets you find the right HTTP response status code for a specific usecase. The same people created “know your HTTP* well” which describes core knowledge about HTTP.
  6. Do you use or plan to use the Axon framework? I removed it from one of the projects I work for, see this article.
  7. Because of the removal of Axon, I migrated data from a Mongo database to a relational database. To do this, I needed to know how to SSH in an app in Cloudfoundry and backup and restore a Mongo database.

I read no books that should be mentioned here. :)

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. For some time now, I’m preparing for a bundle of side-projects. This is taking form slowly, I’ll keep everyone posted. It’s about all of my favorite topics mashed together in one huge, new set of projects. Yeah I know, not saying much here. Let’s find out in the future. :)

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