Lessons Learned in September 2018

This is what I learned in September 2018:

  1. At one of my HackTalk events, there was an introduction to Kotlin. I learned the basics of the language and some really nice features.
  2. Tim Bourguignon, who interviewed me recently, mentioned a very nice term for skills like the ability to communicate well in teams, organizing the own work and generally being professional: “Catalyst Skills”. We talked about these abilities being called “soft skills” which implies that they are not important or kind of second-graded. “Catalyst skills” underlines their true meaning in a nice and positive way.
  3. In implementing authentication for an Angular application, I learned a lot about authentication and authorization. One of those lessons-learned is that a client id and secret is not necessary for some applications like a simple Angular web app.
  4. Another challenge in implementing the mentioned Angular app is API design. I found this nice article concerning RESTful API designing guidelines best practices. I needed to know the best solution for naming endpoints that represent entities and if that endpoint should be named in singular or plural. The article clearly states that plural is the best choice, for example /companies/42 instead of /company/42.
  5. Despite having learned a lot about web applications, I found the multiline edit feature in IntelliJ IDEA: Press Ctrl two times and get a multiline cursor. Very handy for replacing strings in property files.
  6. Quick read for the evening: Spring Boot Best Practices, a nice little article about some interesting design thoughts in Spring Boot applications.

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