Lessons Learned in July and August 2015

Due to some heavy vacationing and a special project situation, this article covers my lessons-learned for both July and August 2015.

  1. versioneye can be linked to public projects, for example on Github, and notifies about new versions of the used libraries.
  2. At the HackCamp 4 in Wolfsburg, I learned a lot of things. The most impact in my everyday life had AnkiDroid, a flash card app that is perfect for me.
  3. I now use OneNote as a project overview tool and configured it as a canban board- like cockpit of all my current tasks and projects.
  4. Since recently, I*m working in a project that actively uses git for version control. Finally I’m learning how to work with git in a real project with real problems.
  5. I added Shariff buttons to my personal page and the HackCamp page using this drupal module. Shariff lets visitors share content from the site via Twitter, Google+ and the other usual social networks while protecting the privacy of the visitor. With other solutions, the social networks get notified when a user views a page with a share-button, even when the user doesn’t click this button. That way, a profile of specific users is easily generated. To avoid this, Shariff acts as a proxy and only sends data to the social networks if the user wants to use them.

(Photo: adrian825,