Lessons learned in September 2016

This is what I learned in September 2016:

  1. Wrote an article about the first Get Together of me and my remote team.
  2. Wrote first of a handful of articles of my visit of Herbstcampus: software development in an including society by Marco Zehe.
  3. Wrote an article about how to solve org.hsqldb.hsqlexception: statement is closed
  4. Because some developers asked lately: In the events section of my page, I have a list of every event I organize and all talks I give, some of them with video recordings.
  5. While preparing some of my talks, I used meme generators for the first time. With these, it’s possible to create nice and funny pictures to use for talks and articles. I don’t offer links here because there are so many generators out there that can be found easily by googling “meme generator”.
  6. Following the suggestion of a friend of mine, we began using SonarLint in our project. It’s an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that lets the IDE connect to a SonarQube to use the configuration.
  7. Last week, I visited my team in Romania. Again, we had a great time together and I visited their office and got a slight insight in their country.

(Photo: adrian825,