My Favorite IntelliJ Idea 2018.3 Features

This short article contains my notes when reviewing the last upgrade of my all-time-favorite-IDE IntelliJ IDEA. For more details, visit JetBrains.

Multiline todo Comments

What changed: It’s now possible to write multiline TODO comments that are recognized as such. Before 2018.3, only the first line that included the “TODO” was highlighted by the IDE.

I often noticed how easy it is to “loose” the second half of a TODO comment when deleting it. Now, at least the whole comment is clearly highlighted.

Preview Differences in the File History Tab

What changed: In the Version Control dock, tab “log”, the changes in a file can now be previewed without having to open the diff view in a new dialog.

I use the version control dock very often when doing code reviews because IDEA provides a much nicer diff view than for example Gitlab. Until now, I had to open every file to view the changes made by my colleagues. Now, I can simply select the files and directly see the changes.

Improved Support for Typescript

Because I’m working on an Angular application, I’m happy about every improvement in this area.

Of course and as always, the developers of IDEA provided a lot of great features in this upgrade. I only highlighted the ones that are most important to me. To find out what changed besides that, go have a look at What’s new.