A New Era

It’s done. At least the first step. I’ve been working for several weeks on this new version of my personal homepage and now the feeling has arrived that it’s ready to be thrown in the endless vastness of the net. Please be kind, is totally new. As you may have noticed: has been redirected to I honor my nick, no question. But sometimes a little bit more commitment is appropriate.

I also want to thank Gen Web Designs for supporting the world with a really nice OpenSource-CSS-Template. That saved a lot of time.

So, how does this work?

After facing the fact that blogging doesn’t work very well for me I won’t do that again. At least I won’t do what one understands under “blogging” in these days. From now on I try to write an articel only if something really interesting happens. I guess most of the articels will be something concerning Machine Learning, but we’ll see. The only RSS-feed in this page will be fed with all new articels.