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Steven Schwenke

My Name is Steven Schwenke. I am a passionate software craftsman and love to share my experiences.

My Experiences in Software Engineering

My experiences regarding Software Engineering during the last six months can be found in this article. At the time being, it will only be available in german.

Software Engineering - My experiences

This text is only available in german. Nach meinem 6-monatigem Praktikum in einem großem deutschen Unternehmen möchte ich in diesem Bericht meine Erfahrunge...

I'm living in Gifhorn now.

Short but important change in my life: I moved to Gifhorn to do my internship at Volkswagen.

New GTD and ZTD Links

I just added two links to the ZDT article: The GTD-Blogger Leo Babauta and the (german) Zen to Done is a good place to start with GTD.

UniMentor, FaRaFIN - Past, But Not Forgotten

My services for UniMentor and FaRaFIN ended a couple days ago. The move away from Magdeburg, planned for march 2010, wants to be well-prepared, so I quit so...

SVN Repository With GTD-Templates

“Getting Things Done”, or GTD, is one of the most influencing books regarding self-management. With friends I set up a repository for templates. For more in...

New Feed URL

By working a lot with the content management system Drupal during the last days, I decided to re-implement my website in Drupal. This will cause the feed-UR...

Project FSVM Finished

As promised, I completed the project “Fussy Support Vector Machine” just in time. A detailed report about the software and the implemented algorithms can be ...

New Links

I added two links to at the studies - section: provides some literature about support vector machines; at SVM-Applet is a nice support v...