What to use - Ng-Bootstrap, Ngx-Bootstrap, manually adding Bootstrap?

I wrote about Angular and Bootstrap before. Here, I documented how to add Bootstrap manually to Angular. Here, I wrote about ng-bootstrap and that it’s the best fit for using Bootstrap with Angular. Recently, my team and I had to decide if to use a third option: ngx-bootstrap. This article is about the decision what option to use:

  1. Add Bootstrap manually.
  2. ng-Bootstrap
  3. ngx-Bootstrap

From the previously mentioned article it’s clear that options 2 and 3 are to favor.

Compared to ngx-bootstrap, ng-Bootstrap is the older library. However, there has been a long pause in the development during which ngx-bootstrap was developed as a replacement / successor. After development of ng-bootstrap continued, both of these options are pretty equal.

Experts like Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Angular-Schule don’t have any preferences.

In our project, we chose ngx-bootstrap because it has been already added to the codebase and it is the library with the most continuous development.