Mastodon - I Am An Author

The other day I read an article in the Java Magazin which was about the different types of software developers. The page offers a test which analyses what kind of developer you are through a couple of questions. Despite the fact that I’m strongly against these kinds of tests, I gave it a try. Here’s the result: I am an “author”:

  • Simple - This means you prefer simple, straight-forward solutions.
  • Abstract - This means you always have the big picture in mind.
  • Idealistic - This means you try to achieve perfection.
  • Technologic - This means you are open minded for improvement.
  • Your designs are: Like a novel - well thought out and still elegant.
  • Programming is to you: Like writing a book: a mixture of planning and creativity.

I wouldn’t care about writing an article about this result, if it wasn’t so fitting. I really agree with everything that result says. Furthermore, I also agree in the intention of the test: helping assessing developers and helping to understand the decisions of them. If I would enter a new team and straightforward point out what my most-valued concepts are and how I work, I bet the cooperation would be smoother. That way, everyone immediately knows what I’m up to. Because of that, I decided to give that assessment space here on my page.

Also, I find the presentation of those design-types quite nice. Such a banner implies identification and some kind of proud, at least on me. :)

TL;DR offers a test that determines the type of software developer you or your coworkers are.