Lessons Learned in November 2015

This is what I learned in November 2015:

  1. In the JavaMagazin I read about, a questionnaire to determine the type of developer you are. Answering only a couple of questions, this website characterized me as an “author” which means that I design my code like a novel - “well thought out and still elegant”. Here’s an article with more details. I agree with all of these points and would have characterized myself in the same way. I also think the nice batch-like emblem you get by filling out the test is a nice addition to every office door. :)
  2. I visited my first coderetreat (and blogged about it here).
  3. At the coderetreat, I noticed an interesting thing about how I think. Implementing the game of life and also before in other projects, I tend to “think in Java”. The first thoughts about solving a problem are “What classes do I need?”, “What does the architecture look like?” and so on. All Java-specific things, not problem-related at all. Maybe I should start with the problem more often. While implementing the game of life for example, I could start to write business logic that decides if a cell is going to survive instead of implementing the cell class. Maybe coding Java for such a long time has spoiled me somehow and it’s time to learn a new language.
  4. Installed the Firefox plugin Ghostery which blocks trackers and cookies on the pages you visit. These trackers help create profiles of users by monitoring the pages you visit. I also have Adblock Plus installed, but I think everyone has that.
  5. I finished writing one article for every talk I visited at the Java Forum Nord. Here’s an overview:

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