Free Java 8 Course Material

Last week, I gave a Java 8 course for some colleagues. All the explanations, examples and code samples of that course are available at Github. Feel free to use this material for learning or giving a course of your own. Please give feedback if you find any errors or I forgot a topic. Here are the contents of the course:

  1. concepts of Java 1.5: Generics, for-each-loop and varargs
  2. functional interfaces and lambdas + exercises
  3. default methods
  4. method references + exercises
  5. streams + exercises
  6. Classifying streams
  7. Date and Time API + exercises
  8. Concurrency
  9. Annotations
  10. JavaFX
  11. Other stuff
  12. MissionControl
  13. Outlook

All files in this repository are under Creative Commons 4.0.


Learn Java 8 or give a course about it. Have fun!

(Photo: Java logo and wordmark)