Free JavaFX Course Material

Last friday, I gave a JavaFX course for some colleagues. As I did with the Java 8 course, I open-sourced all explanations, examples and code samples. They are available at Github. Feel free to use this material for learning or giving a course of your own. Please give feedback if you find any errors or I forgot a topic. Here are the contents of the course:

  1. Building your first FX application: How does JavaFX generally work? What is an fxml-file? What is property binding?
  2. Compiling SceneBuilder: Since JDK 8u40, Oracle doesn’t provide a binary for the SceneBuilder. This chapter shows you how to compile your own SceneBuilder.
  3. Advanced basics: What are tranisitions and timelines? How can I style my application window? What are the pitfalls when using the TableView? … And a lot of other stuff.
  4. JavaFX 3D: What does a 3D application look like?
  5. Custom controls: How can I write completely customized components?
  6. Testing FX applications
  7. SwingInterop: How can FX code be used in Swing applications?

All files in this repository are under Creative Commons 4.0.


Learn JavaFX or give a course about it. Have fun!

(Photo: Java logo and wordmark)