It's not only time at work. It's your lifetime. Spend it with purpose.

Twelve months ago, I started one of my major development projects, together with an awesome team. Now, I have achieved my task of setting up this project and supporting it to the first major release.

Some days ago, I updated the skill and projects list we use internally and saw the long list of projects I was working on over the last twelve years of being a software developer. Every time I touch this list, I remember all the people in those projects, the challenges we mastered, the problems we solved, and the fun we had.

For me, it is very important to realize that this list represents not only the time I spend working. It represents what I did with my lifetime. Working eight hours a day plus commuting and breaks means I spend the most of my time with my colleagues. Not sleeping, not with my family. This time has to count for something more than just “putting food on the table”.

Once again, I thank my team for not only being awesome colleagues, but for being friendly, nice, funny, caring human beings. I would not want to have it any other way.

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