My Personal Killer Features of the Apple Watch

Some weeks ago, I fell in love with Apple. In a buying spree I never thought to be possible, I purchased a couple of devices, including an Apple Watch. This article lists my personal killer features of this wearable. In fact, no one had instructed me on these important features before. So maybe this article helps some potential buyer to decide if to purchase this item or not.

Killer Feature Number One: Podcast Control

Apple Watch with podcast

As a huge podcast geek, I listen to many podcasts daily. The usual routine is to put on my headphones, unlock my phone, open the podcast app and press play in one of my playlists. This works well enough that I execute this routine multiple times a day, for example, when doing chores that last longer than five minutes.

The Apple Watch revolutionizes this act. I still have to get my headphones on, but only have to touch the podcast item on my watch face and the play button to start an episode. I do not need to get my chunky phone to start my podcast. Even better: I can control the app via my watch without unlocking a device. This allows me to pause for a minute to talk with someone, change the volume or choose what episode to play.

Killer Feature Number Two: DB Navigator

Apple Watch with DB Navigator

Living in Germany, digitalization is not something that can be expected in everyday life. I’m glad that Deutsche Bahn managed to offer the app “DB navigator” that serves as a ticket shop, travel planner and real-time system for often-occurring delays of trains. I used this app regularly and thought it would be the most advanced solution possible for the use case “traveling with Deutsche Bahn”.

The Apple Watch technically introduces nothing new. It can display the most important information about the current trip. That’s it. And this too is revolutionary! During a train ride, the control freak in me checks the real-time information on the phone A LOT. Having this information displayed directly on my wrist is a game changer! Someone also told me the app can display the QR code of a ticket for the conductor. Amazing.

Killer Feature Number Three: Walkie-Talkie

Apple Watch with Walkie-Talkie

I only learned about this feature when I already got my watch. It uses either a common Wi-Fi or the cellular network if no Wi-Fi is available. Two Apple Watches can connect to each other, serving as both speaker and microphone to imitate the old Walkie-Talkie devices we wished to have when being children. This feature is the single most useful application when communicating at home with my wife during busy household stuff. Getting the kids ready and forgot something upstairs? Want to relay a thought without yelling through the house? Searching for each other in the supermarket? Just talk to your wrist.

These three features alone make the purchase of an Apple Watch worthwhile, at least for me. As you can see, your smart phone can already provide these features. The difference is simply how easy to use these features are.