OpenSource Workshop for JavaFX beginners

Last week, I gave a JavaFX workshop for my coworkers. It went very well and was a lot of fun! To share knowledge and make my work available to the community, I open sourced the whole workshop at Github. There, you find

  1. an outline what to do in which order (,
  2. sources for four proceeding examples,
  3. within each source file (at the top as a comment) suggestions on how to build up this part of the workshop and
  4. a “handout” with further links (

The workshop targets developers who are interested in JavaFX but haven’t had any experience with it. After the workshop, which will take roughly four hours, the participents

  1. know what JavaFX is,
  2. can use the SceneBuilder and
  3. can write simple JavaFX applications.

During the workshop which is best visited by up to 8 participants, the group will build a simple shopping list application:

JavaFX Workshop

Step by step, these topics are covered:

  1. SceneBuilder and .fxml-files
  2. properties and binding
  3. charts
  4. CSS styling

The workshop is licensed under Creative Commons which means you can use all sources at the repository to organize your own workshop. If you have any questions, just contact me. Have fun!