Lessons Learned in April 2016

This is what I learned in April 2016:

  1. GitKraken is awesome. I generated an SSH-key with GitKraken and noticed that it gets uploaded to your GitHub account automatically if this account is connected with GitKraken. After this, a branch can easily be updated from another fork by simply choosing a remote repository from a list.
  2. Git-flow is awesome. It implements a certain branching model for git repositories by automatically branching, merging and tagging stuff. This video is a very gentle introduction, while there also is a more compressed overview of how it works. GitKraken has a really nice integration for git-flow so you just have to do one click to setup a feature or a hotfix or to do everything repository-related for your release:

GitKraken GitFlow"

I introduced git-flow in my current project. If you plan the same, the git-flow cheatsheet is a nice summary.

  1. In of the the local JUG meetings, I got a nice introduction in Microservice architecture. Of course I blogged about that.
  2. My main project is a green field which means there are a lot of decisions to make. One of them is how to implement equals() and hashCode(). Here’s an article about the options and my decision. However, there are voices that my decision is not the right one. I will talk with several people and rethink my point of view.
  3. Somewhere in a youtube video I saw that IntelliJ IDEA can be switched into a presentation mode by simply opening the “search everywhere” window (2 x Shift) and typing “presentation”. That’s nice.

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