Lessons learned in February 2016

This is what I learned in February 2016:

  1. There have been some interesting situations in a project I used to work in. These gave me the idea to write an article why automated tests are important.
  2. In one of my projects I’m spending more and more time in, I work with colleagues who are located in Romania. The communication is different, not just because we use the telephone a lot. It’s a new experience to communicate requirements so clearly that a developer can implement them efficiently, even when he doesn’t participate in the meetings with the customer. This works great, also because the rumanian coworkers are great folks. We even do code reviews via Lync.
  3. Learned how to translate UI texts in JavaFX applications using resource bundles. There is a nice StackOverflow article which I used to add an example to my JavaFX workshop. Also, Intellij IDEA provides a resource bundle editor for managing your translations:

how to i18n in javafx and intellij idea

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