Lessons Learned in March 2016

This is what I learned in March 2016:

  1. Installed and began using GitKraken. Pretty nice Git client!
  2. Enrolled in the Udemy course “Spring Core - Learning Spring Framework 4 and Spring Boot” by John Thompson because I want to gain a deep understanding of the Spring framework in 2016.
  3. I had the pleasure of facilitating an in-house coderetreat at my employer. The day was hard, but very rewarding for the participants. As reference implementation, I showed a pretty nice application by @TingelTino. Because of an unplanned, very long lunch break, I had to shorten three of five sessions. We had a 30-minute Ping Pong-, a 30-minute no-conditionals- and a 30-minute code-swap-session, which worked great. Also, we had fun talking about the implementation of the “no conditional”-challenge. I came up with the idea that the decision if a cell survives or not can be implemented with a map<Integer, Boolean> from amount of living neighbors to living/not living instead of a conditional. If you have the amount of neighbors, you can simply get an entry out of the map. The counting of the living neighbors can be implemented via a stream and map-operator.
  4. While working for a secret project (uhhh … mystery, mystery! :D ), I got to write a server using Jetty. That was astonishingly easy and quick.
  5. Since January, I try to do regular Code Katas. That doesn’t really work for me. I will not shoot the plan down yet, just a notion of the current status.
  6. I successfully organized the first HackTalk in Braunschweig. The HackTalk in Wolfsburg is an established monthly event in Wolfsburg and I’m glad that it will be in Braunschweig soon.
  7. Learned details about JUnit 5 by attending a talk given by Jens.

(Photo: adrian825,