Lessons learned and News in April 2019

This is what I learned in April 2019:

  1. Again, I learned valuable lessons in Angular. This article describes how to use async and await in Protractor tests to write cleaner code. Because Protractor uses a lot of promises in their API, test code can become hard to read because it’s nested in then(…) statements. Marking the test method as async and using the await keyword right before calling an asynchronous function, Protractor will wait for promises to return.
  2. During a code review of one of the teams I work for, I learned some new CSS keywords like in this CSS rule: “@media only screen and (max-widt: 500px)”. More details on StackOverflow.
  3. I have been made aware of, a website to create diagrams of all kinds. Very useful for architecture documentations. Created diagrams can be downloaded.
  4. I try to execute “npm audit” regularly to find vulnerabilities and old versions of dependencies. This is mentioned during the build. However, if the build happens on a CI server, it often gets unnoticed. Maybe I’ll watch my CI from time to time and read the logs.
  5. Windows has a new terminal.
  6. I wrote two articles about self management: “Don’t snack candy tasks all the time” and “Time budget”. It’s great to see that this topic, which is very important to me since years and years, still develops. Also, I wrote two technical articles about Cloudfoundry not recognizing an application as a Spring Boot application and one about running JDK 11 on Cloudfoundry. A discussion I had resulted in another article about using dollar signs in TypeScript to highlight observables. Regarding publications on my blog, this has been a very productive month. Everytime I publish an article, I feel great because I understood a given topic and kind of saved this understanding for future-me. :)

These are the books I read:

  1. Sadly, I did not finish any books this month.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. As mentioned in the last lessons learned article, there will be a conference I am currently planning with other community members. It will be a brand-new concept and take place this year in Braunschweig, Germany. Can’t say much more right now, but it will be awesome! :)
  2. I have to write a closing article on my new-stuff-lockdown project. Stay tuned.
  3. Starting November, I (again) will be a docent at the university of Ostfalia in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, for one semester. I’m very much looking forward to this because I had a lot of fun the last time.

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