Lessons Learned in July 2017

This is what I learned in July 2017:

  1. In my main project, we use Atlassian JIRA since the beginning of the project. Recently, I learned about a cool feature: “show days in column”. The amount of days an item spend in the current column can be enabled under Board - Configure - check “Days in column”. That helps to get a feeling of the cost of an item.
  2. Drush is a shell for the content management system Drupal, which my site is running on. I recently installed it to ease the process of updates and backups. It’s nice to have another CLI instead of clicking around several websites.
  3. In my quest to use my mouse for as few tasks as possible, I installed a plugin to move a tab left and right using the keyboard. Now I can rearange my tabs with Ctrl + Shift + Page up / down. However, after installing, those shortcuts have to be reset manually because they collide with an existing one.
  4. Also, Ctrl + “.” expands or collapses code blocks in IDEA while F3 and Shift + F3 moves the cursor to the next occurance. Very useful.
  5. I learned about the “Rebase my GitHub fork” option in IntelliJ IDEA. Awesome if you have forked a GitHub repo and want it to be updated from the repo it originated.

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