Lessons Learned in June 2017

This is what I learned in June 2017:

  1. In a HackTalk-Event, I learned what Gitlab is.
  2. In this event, I also learned that Jenkins has been further developed and has interesting features like build pipelines. The last time I had a look at a Jenkins installation, it seems to be kind of obsolete and ugly. Maybe that was only this specific installation.
  3. Also in this HackTalk, I learned about Git Large File Storage, a way to keep large files in Git. This is one of the big concerns of people who hesitate to switch to Git. Of course this concern is uncalled-for, because we talked about that Microsoft has recently finished moving every project to Git.
  4. At another HackTalk-event in Wolfsburg, I had a look at Rancher, a management tool for Docker containers.
  5. I also learned about Apache Kafka, a messaging system for a handful of languages.
  6. This video explains basics of HTTP2 - I missed that there will be a new version of this fundamental protocol.
  7. Chatbots like Hubot are a pretty cool way of letting your whole team know what is going on right now.
  8. In some podcast I heard, I learned about the term “Yak-shaving”. It refers to doing a task that doesn’t bring the most benefit and only costs resources. Nice term :D
  9. I found an old article I drafted for Herbstcampus 2016. Here is “Git in the context of Visual Studio and TFS”
  10. From an article by Ozan Onay, I learned about UNPHAT.
  11. I continuously forget how to display the dependency graph in Intellij IDEA: In Maven view, mark dependencies and press ctrl + Alt + Shift + U. Yeah, totally memorable shortcut. :/

(Photo: adrian825,