Lessons Learned and News in July 2019

This is what I learned in June and July 2019:

  1. Visiting the HackTalk Braunschweig, I learned about Container-Volume Backups with Restic. Here’s an overview article. Maybe I will switch my private backup to this.
  2. I learned about the XY problem.
  3. Recently, we had trouble pushing one of our apps with the Cloudfoundry CLI. This app uses two buildpacks instead of just one. We experienced only application-specific errors that did not point us in the right direction. Through a lot of analysis, we noticed that we used a CLI version earlier than 6.38. We did not know that the CLI supports multiple buildpacks only from this version on, see here. The new versions can be downloaded here.
  4. From the issue above, I learned that it is apparently possible to have multiple buildpacks for ony application deployed in CloudFoundry. I thought that only one buildpack could be configured because a buildpack is the container in which the application is running. However, the documentation states that “Buildpacks provide framework and runtime support for apps.” I assume that a Java buildpack offers a container for the app, but other buildpacks offer support for things like proxies etc.
  5. In the last weeks, I worked a lot with the Cloudfoundry CLI. We experimented with new apps that had to be deployed, deleted, rerouted and bound to services. That was good practice to learn the proper commands.
  6. I facilitated a one-day workshop of Software Engineering to teach some colleagues the fundamentals of how to create software. It was an awesome day with very curious coworkers who questioned everything I took for granted. Together, we facilitated a day full of new insights into the great work of software engineering. Because we only managed to cover basics like 3-tier-architecture, some network traffic fundamentals and programming languages, there will be another session in November.

These are the books I read:

  1. “Cloud Native Java” (Long & Bastani). A great book about the ecosystem of how to develop cloud applications for Pivotal Cloudfoundry. Yes, that is not the only way of deploying Java apps to the cloud, but it’s an important one. The book covers everything from Spring Boot to Cloudfoundry to Authorization.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. I will talk at IT-Tage 2019 in Frankfurt about my experiences with Software Craftsmanship Communities.
  2. We, the officially voted management board of the new registered society “IT Hub e.V.”, are working hard to organize an IT Barcamp in Brunswick. On Saturday, the 16th of November 2019, there will be the first conference for the IT Hub Brunswick. I’m looking forward to this great event!

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