Lessons Learned and News in May 2019

This is what I learned in May 2019:

  1. I finished the TypeScript course I bought on Udemy. As always, here are my notes in a Github repo. The same applies to this repo, which is about NgRx.
  2. I read this interesting article about the “demise” of CloudFoundry.
  3. In a podcast, I heard the terms “London school TDD” and “Detroit school TDD”. I didn’t know there were more than one kinds of Test Driven Development, so I searched and found this explanation for the older Detroit school and this for the newer London school. The difference between those two is seemingly debated among software developers and there is no real definition. Quote from one of the articles: “Many comparisons between the two schools of thinking can be summarized as “top-down” versus “bottom-up”. Where London-school TDD encourages programmers to use external constraints as a starting point (an API endpoint, an HTTP controller, etc.), Detroit-school TDD encourages programmers to first identify the core domain logic that exemplifies the work without concern for how it might be integrated elsewhere.”
  4. I prepared a completely new talk about IT communities and successfully held it for the first time. A big “Thank you” to all those friendly fellow developers who answered my questions regarding their own experiences. You helped me a great deal to produce this talk!
  5. I found this video about “5 languages you have to be familiar with in 2019”. Spoiler alert: Java, PHP, C#, Python, JavaScript. I’m only familiar with two of them. Hmm ….
  6. I wrote a closing article on my new-stuff-lockdown project. This one is finished. :)
  7. Reading about Greta Thunberg, I learned more about Autism. This podcast is a great learning source, specifically this episode about autists as IT-consultants.

These are the books I read:

  1. “Extreme Ownership - How U.S. Navy Seals Lead And Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Actually, this is the second time I came in contact with this book because a while ago, I listened to it as a audio book. Reading this great material is completely different, I absorbed much more of the valuable lessons of Jock and Leif. Although the prime message is written right on the cover, there are detailed nuances and great examples on how to own your world and be awesome. I highly recommend this book.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. To get more into the details of JavaScript, I bought a Udemy course which I am learning on the side.
  2. Soon, there will be the official save-the-date for the conference I am planning with some other humans. :)
  3. On the side, I am preparing for being a docent at the university of Ostfalia in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, again.

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