Lessons Learned and News in late 2019

Because of unforeseen “events in life”, this monthly lessons-learned article is several months late. Due to the circumstances, I did not work nearly as much in the last months as I would have normally. This is why despite the long timespan, this article contains relatively few items. So, this is what I learned in late 2019:

  1. Using Rome Tools, I build an Atom feed for Programming the actual feed was easy, but I had a small learning curve with the nginx configuration. I had to proxy the URI to the feed so that it was not picked up by Angular. Details see these commits: frontend and backend.
  2. Recently, Microsoft Teams was introduced in our company to replace Skype. A very nice feature is the mouse-display when sharing a screen. When I present my screen to the other participants of a meeting, I can allow mouse and keyboard control for certain participants. If I do so, my own mouse icon and the mouse icon of the other person is displayed simultaneously, each with a little image of the user besides it. That way, I can point to elements on the screen instead of describing them with words. No more “Click that button on the right. No, on the right. I meant the second from the right. Yeah, that one.” :)
  3. I read this interesting article about Just in Time Compilation of the JDK, written by the fellow software craftsman Bernd Müller.
  4. While working on a little side-project using Tymeleaf, I wanted my static templates to reload automatically in IntelliJ IDEA. This article helped in getting auto-reload running.
  5. As the main developer of IT Hub Brunswick, I created a TLS certificate for the domains and In this article, I show to generate TLS certificates using certbot manual mode and DNS challenge and setup with all-inkl.
  6. I learned how to use inner HTML to format strings in Angular.
  7. I learned about Spring test slices.
  8. Reading up on the before mentioned Spring test slices, I learned about Jayway JSON path, a Java library for reading JSON documents. It is used to test the returned JSON of Spring REST controllers.
  9. Schakko, a fellow software craftsmen, wrote an article about Github actions. I was not aware that with Github actions it is very simple to setup CI and CD directly in your git repository, executed by Github.
  10. Recently, I had problems with one of my Cloudfoundry-deployed applications that uses Liquibase. Here’s the story.
  11. I learned how to reload images in Angular templates.

Uncharacteristically, I didn’t finish any books.

This is what I’m working on right now / planning to do in the near future / other stuff:

  1. There is a lot going on these days. I will provide detailed information as soon as they are available.

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