There are several tools to solve the “Let’s schedule an event” and “Let’s find a common result via a poll” - problems. The most famous is However, most of these tools gather data. How this data is used can not be influenced by or even known to the user. Remember: If you’re not paying for it, you become the product.

In a world where megacompanies gather immeasurable amounts of data, it’s wise to leave as few datapoints as possible. This is where one of the most important organizations in the field of protection of data privacy enters the field: Digitalcourage offers a free poll service that doesn’t save the users data: More precise, this service is an instance of Framadate, an open-source polling software. The instance hosted by Digitalcourage doesn’t save access logs, pipes Framadates logs to /dev/null and allows non-existing mail-addresses such as I_do_not_want_emails@invalid.

To keep services like these alive, Digitalcourage needs monetary support. If you can spare some $currency, go to