lessons learned in October 2017

Posted by Steven

This is what I learned in October 2017:

  1. Until now, I used query methods in Spring Data JPA only for reading. However, also updates can be written in repositories:

    1. @Modifying
    2. @Query("update User u set u.firstname = ?1 where u.lastname = ?2")
    3. int setFixedFirstnameFor(String firstname, String lastname);
  2. I began using the awesome Java Stream Debugger which lets you debug debug Java 8 streams in IntelliJ IDEA.
  3. Since a couple of months, I'm using OneNote as my primary project management tool. Recently, I learned about how to collapse paragraph/outline via shortcut. This makes navigating through my projects faster.
  4. Also keyboard-related: I read found some interesting shortcuts for my favorite IDE IntelliJ IDEA:
    • (Shift) F3 - scroll through occurrences
    • Ctrl + Shift + I in result lists = "quick definition" = show surrounding code of currently selected result
    • Ctrl + Shift + Space - smart-completion, a better alternative for Ctrl + Space
    • Ctrl + Shift + Enter - complete current statement
  5. I'm working a lot for my remote workshop as well as my software engineering course. A lot of interesting things can be found there.

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